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Floral Mug Project

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Designed by J Schwanke
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Desert Foam® Dry Foam Mug Plug
Mug or small container
Floral Moss
Floral Pins
Design It® Wire Cutter
Permanent Flowers
Low Temp glue gun/glue sticks




  1. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the mug plug and insert into container
  2. Cover the top of the mug plug with floral moss using floral pins.
  3. Place large focal flowers into dry foam and secure with hot glue.  Slide leaves up stems to create a fuller flower arrangement. (see photo A below)
  4. Continue by adding your filler flowers.
  5. Accessorize your design with ribbon.  (see photo B below)


Tip: Try this flower design using fresh flowers.  Substitute Artesia® Wet Foam Mug Plug



Photo A                   

Photo B















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