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Summer Seascape

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One – 8″ green Half Ball, Desert Foam®
Design It:® Foam Cutter or serrated knife

Four – Travertine tiles with tumbled edges, earth-tone
Cardboard, 12″ x 12″
Seashells: One-6″ wide clamshell; two-2″ x 3″ medium
Artificial greenery:  NOTE: Determine if arrangement will viewed from front or all sides.  Double amount of greenery if viewing from all sides.
Wide blade plant
Small-leaf plant bush
Light green eucalyptus bush
Dark green eucalyptus bush   
Two-bushes of vine-type with small pods
Glue Gun and glue sticks
Floral/Wire Cutter


  1. For base, place tiles, on cardboard in square formation. Use glue gun to attach each tile.
  2. If planning to only view from front, follow Steps 2 – 4.  If planning to view from all sides, go to Step 5.  Place Green Desert Foam® Half Ball on work surface with flat side down. Use Design It:® Foam Cutter to cut in half. Use glue gun to attach original flat surface to back right corner of tile base with rounded side forward.
  3. Referring to photo, plan greenery and shell arrangement. Face rounded side of ball and use floral cutter to trim stems as needed. Insert broad leaf plant in top, as far back as possible. (Note: Separate leaves and insert each one individually if needed to create the look of leaves radiating out in four directions.)
  4. Insert sprigs from small-leaf plant bush among broad leaves. In front, insert sprigs of both light and dark green eucalyptus. Insert vine-type plants on each side to cascade over tiles. (Tip: If stems are loose, secure with hot glue.) Glue large clam shell against arrangement and smaller shells in front.
  5. If viewing from all sides, use whole Green Desert Foam® Half Ball, and glue it farther forward on tiles. Follow Steps 2-4, but as you go, repeat step on back, filling in as needed.




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