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Silk Flower Wall Decor

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Designed by Dondi Richardson
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  • One – 10”x12”x1 ¼” White Styrofoam Sheet
  • Silk Flowers with flat faced blossoms (Ranunculus used)
  • (*Poppies, Gerbera Daisies, or Sunflowers could be substituted)
  • Silk Fern or Filler Greenery (Maidens Fern used)
  • Four 12”x12” Solid Color Scrapbooking Papers (to coordinate with flowers)
  • One 12”x12” Patterned Scrapbooking Paper (to coordinate with other papers)
  • Zip Dry™ Paper Glue
  • Fiskars® Personal Paper Trimmer
  • EK Success® Corner Punch
  • Precision Scissors (for intricate cutting)
  • Serrated Knife
  • Wire Cutters
  • Metal Ruler
  • Black Marker
  • Low Temp Glue Gun
  1. Measure 6” x 12” (back piece) from the Styrofoam sheet. To make a straight cut, make a mark at the top and bottom of the sheet 6” in from the 12” edge. Draw a line from top to bottom and lay the ruler on the line. Hold the ruler securely on the line and cut along the edge of the ruler keeping the knife at a 90* angle to the top of the sheet. Use this process for cutting all the pieces of the frame to ensure they fit together nicely with clean straight edges. Waxing the knife blade will also help make a cleaner cut. Cut two ½” x 12” pieces (side pieces), and one 1” x 10” piece, cut the 10” piece in half so you have two 1” x 5” (top and bottom pieces).
  2. Assembling the frame: Lay the 6”x12” (back) piece on the table, use the glue gun to glue the two side pieces to the back piece. Glue the top and bottom pieces to the back in between the side pieces.
  3. Choose a solid color paper to glue to the inside back of the frame, it’s best to use a color that contrasts with the flowers so they will pop from the background. Measure the inside of the frame (5”x 10”) and use the paper trimmer to cut the paper, it should fit snug inside. Use the paper glue to glue in place. Cut two ½”x10” and two ½”x 5”strips from the patterned paper, glue around the edge of the paper you just glued in (see photo). Choose another paper and cut two 1 ¼”x 10” and two 1 ¼”x 5” strips, glue to cover the inside edge of the frame. From another paper color, cut two ½”x 12” and two 1”x 5” strips and glue to cover the face of the frame. From another color paper cut two 2 ½”x 12” and two 2 ½”x 6” strips and glue to cover the outside edge of the frame. Using the same paper that you covered the face of the frame with cut two 1”x 12” and two 1”x6” strips and glue centered on the outside edge of the frame.
  4. Use the corner punch to embellish the frame. Cutting the punched corner from the paper you can create decorative touches. Using the same color paper that you used to cover the inside edges of the frame, punch out four corners, use scissors to cut the corner punch from the paper so that it will fit into each corner of the inside back of the frame, over top of the pattered paper. From this same paper cut four 1” squares and glue to the four corners on the face of the frame. Using the same color paper you glued to the back inside of the frame, punch out four corners the same way you just did and glue a punched corner overtop of each of the 1” squares on the face of the frame. Cut a ½”x 4” strip of the patterned paper and glue to the bottom face of the frame between the two corner squares. Be creative with the corner punch, cut out different sections of the punched paper and use to embellish to outside edges of the frame with different colored papers.
  5. Pull the blossoms from the stems and cut the back of the flower off flat, be careful not to cut too much or it may begin to fall apart. Arrange the blossoms into the frame and glue in place with the glue gun flat against the back of the frame. Cut the stems with the wire cutters, and glue a stem below each blossom. Glue the fern or filler flat against the back of the frame to fill in around the flowers.

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